Choji – PL 10

Strength 4, Stamina 10, Agility 10, Dexterity 0, Fighting 10, Intellect 0, Awareness 5, Presence 0

Evasion, Move-by Action, Uncanny Dodge

Acrobatics 1 (11), Ranged Combat: Array 1 5 (5)

Array 1
Blast: Damage 1 (DC 16; Increased Range: ranged)
Blast: Line Area Damage 3 (DC 18; Line Area: 5 feet wide by 30 feet long, DC 13, Homing 3: 3 extra attempts, Increased Range: ranged)
Candy Beam: Progressive Affliction 1 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Immobile, 3rd degree: Transformed, DC 11; Affects Objects, Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Increased Duration 3: continuous, Increased Range: ranged, Progressive)
Duplication: Summon 4 (Active)
Elongation: Elongation 1 (Elongation: 15 feet, 1 to grab)
Flight: Flight 1 (Speed: 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round)
Morph: Morph 4 (
20 Deception checks to disguise; Any form)
Regeneration: Regeneration 1 (Every 10 rounds)
Teleport: Teleport 2 (120 feet in a move action, carrying 50 lbs.; Triggered: 2 uses – Getting Shot At)
Teleport: Teleport 2 (120 feet in a move action, carrying 50 lbs.)

Initiative +10
Blast: Damage 1, +10 (DC 16)
Blast: Line Area Damage 3 (DC 18)
Candy Beam: Progressive Affliction 1, +5 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 11)
Grab, +11 (DC Spec 15)
Throw, +5 (DC 19)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 19)

Defiance: Openly goes against the will of his father Big Mac and will fight with honor at an attempt to gain a worthy ally or rival.
Motivation: Acceptance: Wants to gain a powerful comrade(s) or rival(s).


Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10, Will 5

Power Points
Abilities 78 + Powers 66 + Advantages 3 + Skills 3 (6 ranks) + Defenses 0 = 150

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General Character Questions

What is your character’s name? Choji

Does your character have any nicknames? No

What is your Origin? Earth

How did you acquire your abilities? Birth

How old are you? 280

What is your race? Majin Buu

Are you male or female? Male

What color is your skin? Black

How tall are you? 3’

How much do you weigh? 90 lbs.

What color is your hair? Black

What color are your eyes? Maroon

Do you have any distinguishing marks or unique features? Yes

Is so what are they? White tatoo on left shoulder

Is your appearance unusual in any way? Yes

If so how? I’m a black majin

What do you usually wear? Dark Red Shorts

Do you have a job? No

What are your attitudes? Focused, calm, secretive

What are your personality traits? Loyal, stubborn, appears angry, Bi-Polar

What are your goals? to find a worthy rival

Campaign Character Questions

Why are you going to the World Martial Arts Tournament? To win and find myself a worthy rival

If competing what is your motivation for doing so? My father told me to. I’m bored and want to find a worthy rival

Are you taking a plane, boat, or are you flying to the Island? Luxuary 1st class plane

Group Questions

Do you know any of the other player’s characters? Not Yet


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